Thursday, March 27, 2014


couldn't sleep so i'm animating something...hope this works. aaaa.

a bit of a large file...sorry x__x pencil is a nasty beets when it comes to exporting! lol! anywaaay...hope you like.

here's a link just in case you can't see anything:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For the sake of keeping up...

You know that feeling you were just trying in earnest to start right? Only to have your motives eventually tested and proven to be at a fault? It's a shitty feeling, totally demotivating and just a downer. But giving up just shows you and everybody else what a pathetic sore loser you are. So it's an option...but not a good one.

I just thought I was in the right direction you know...that I'm showing my true skills because hey, that's what everybody's insisting on me whenever I feel down. But at least now I know it's just words sweetened up with honey and barbecue sauce. I just have concluded now that potential is nothing. Talent is nothing. It's all proven with finished, polished output.

And do I have that?


Have a proven myself with anything?


Do I even know what to prove in the first place? Or what I want to actually prove for that matter?

No...and no...what's there to prove when you have nothing?

Is this post a negative, mopey whiny one?


I don't know anymore. And looking back at my's obvious that I don't. What the fuck am I doing this for anyway? What's the message? Should there be one? Does it even fucking matter?

I don't know. I don't know anything. Like fucking Jon Snow. Heck, at least he figured out Ygritte's happy buttons. *spoiler alert* LOL.

I guess it's a good thing I'm suddenly left with nothing -- again. Since I have to work my way up again and figure out the right stuff that should be coming out of my hands. (super saiyan, maybe? or the rasengan? probably the chidori? lmao.) AGAIN.

AGAIN...a-gain...A-GAIN. A. GAIN.  I guess repetition gives something in return...huh. Food for thought there.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sketch sessions part 1..2014

Met up with friends from the college paper today...and met new ones as well! It was worth the time...I don't know what's up with me lately. I've been drawing more than I used to for the last 4 years. It feels great, but somewhat overwhelming because the feeling I might burst any minute if I don't let it out on paper is weird. Haha...anyway...

Well I haven't been talking much on here so it's only reasonable that nobody knows much. But...let's just say I'm getting to know my talent all over again. It's insane, it's like I'm discovering a new part of me even if it's been with me all this time. Mbleah. Hard to explain. All I know is I'm just glad I'm busy again.

Hopefully something more of a deeper purpose will come of this. I feel guilty that I'm being selfish for drawing and videogaming all the time and hiding myself from people who don't share the same interests that I have.

But I guess I needed a bit of selfishness to grow in me...just so I can get  hold of who I am and what I want with my life once more. Eventually I'll give it all back and make people happy in earnest.

Meh. Enough chatter...more here ya go some of the stuff that happened earlier :P

Friday, January 3, 2014

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Oh yeah, happy new year.

Inspired from Kate Beaton's pony...well actually it looks like i ripped it off from her cus it's such an easy fanart...and it's so cute. But yeah...all the awesome idea of that awesome pony comes from her. Looking at it still after all this years makes me laugh like it's the first time I saw it. You should check out her Hark a Vagrant! comics!

And also I heard that the color of 2014 is lavender.... .__. so...yeah...I think this is just fitting.
LOL. Anyway... Here's some new doodles to start the year right. :)

mmm girls.

Gabi Goes Gaming Comics~

Since it's the new year...let's start this thing right by showing you a new thing!!


I don't know how to post stuff in a segregated manner in a blog yet...I have a lot of studying to do for HTML code...hopefully this year I'll have the courage and determination to do so. Haha!

Anyway, for now I guess we have to settle in burst posts. I'll try to make comics every week because gaming is fun. Hah!'s what I've managed to fart out so far:

Still working on making it cleaned up or by webcomic standards "polished" ...which is hard for me...since I like it done fast to capture the idea. But yeah...we'll get there.

Hope you guys like it. :) Babaiiyoooo~